Company Profile

Kwok Shing Enterprises Ltd. begins its operation since 1985. Our company imports and distributes Chinese herbs and herbal products in full line, ranging from herbal teas, ginseng products to bandages, acupuncture needles, supplying to Retail stores, chain stores, pharmacies, Professional herbal Practitioners and Manufacturers across Canada. Our phylosophy is very simple: we are not satisfied until you are. We offer a variety of products that meet the good manufacturing product criteria. Most of our products carry the logo of UNIVERSAL BRAND with a round global sign, a Maple leaf on the side, a registered trademark.

General Statement

The products listed with the medical claims are for general guideline and useful information only. It is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or physical ailment, nor are they intended to be a replacement or substitute for proper medicine or medical treatment. It is further stated that there is NO warranty on any medical effect or benefit. Please consult a herbalist or physician if it is for the treatment of your disease.

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